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Retire Your IT Safely And Sustainably​

At Scandic IT, we handle your IT with the highest care for data security and sustainability.

Need to dispose of data centre hardware such as servers, storage, networking or employee devices such as laptops, PCs, phones and tablets?

Get the fair market value and rest assured that your data is safe and your carbon footprint is low.




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We believe in circular economy

The earth’s ressources are consumed faster than can be regenerated. 
It is clear that the current rate of e-waste is unsustainable.
At Scandic IT, everything we do aims at helping the transition
to a circular economy.

Whether the solution is to reuse, recycle or remarket,
we have solutions for you.

We also source refurbished IT, whether rare spare parts
or complete solutions.

Data Security beyond compliance

Have your IT assets sanitized on-site or transported in a military-grade vault with GPS tracking to be processed by the highest certified data erasure software at our location.

As a trusted Certus partner, we are experts at making sure that no data will ever leak from your IT assets.