WipeDrive Portable

Easily Erase Up To 30 Devices On-Site Simultaneously

All-In-One Solution for Mobile Data Erasure

WipeDrive Portable provides an all-in-one solution for on-site volume erasure of computers, laptops and servers. It contains all the equipment needed for a WipeDrive PXE Network server setup. Enabling the erasure of up to 30 computers simultaneously.

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Wipedrive Nomad Is Equipped To Erase Any Laptop, Desktop Or Server

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The WipeDrive Portable is bult to last and uses industrial grade materials, ensuring safe transport under any conditions. It allows you to deliver the WipeDrive PXE Server to any location globally nad deploy with minimal effort, allowing technicians to be up and running in minutes. 

The WipeDrive Portable is compliant with all major standards, such as NIST CC EAL 2+ and DoD. Learn more about certified data erasure by clicking here.


The WipeDrive Portable contains all the equpment needed for on-site erasure. The kit includes the following:

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