Are you concerned with the impact of your e-waste?

More than 1 million tonnes of e-waste is created globally every week. At Scandic IT, we work closely with STENA Recycling to make sure that your carbon footprint is as low as possible.

IT assets with no resale value are sent for sustainable recycling where raw materials are sold for reuse in production.

The materials harmful to the environment are handled with utmost care.

Join the circular IT Movement

When we dispose of your IT assets, you will recieve a detailed breakdown of the materials recycled at the end of the process.

Contributing to a greener world is enough in its own right, but we also believe you should be able to spread the word about your carbon footprint to inspire others.

Circular Computing Platinum Partner

Circular Computing is the world’s first certified CO2 neutral and sustainably re-produced Enterprise Grade Laptop with 3 year warranty. 

These laptops are remanufactured, which is a high-end alternative to ‘refurbished’ and a viable alternative to ‘new’.

5 trees are planted for every laptop sold.

Sustainability meets data security

At Scandic IT, we are experts at handling the two most important parts of disposing old IT assets. Other than proper recycling, the most important is data security.