IT Recycling

Demands from the outside world are increasing: from legislation, your customers, the authorities and increasingly, from consumers. Electronics must be recycled, in order to minimise the carbon footprint. To accomodate this need Scandic IT is collaborating with Stena Recycling. Stena Recycling is Scandinavias largest recycling company. They have offers waste solutions to companies for decades, ensuring companies a circular and sustainable footprint. 

Sustainable Recycling

At Scandic IT no electronics go to waste. In collaboration with Stena Recycling all discarded electronics will be processed and any dangerous waste will be taken care of appropriately. This process is done manually by Stena Recycling. After the manual process, state-of-the-art machines will sort the individual materials contained in the technology, allowing for these to be reused in the future. 

During recycling we remove the
environmentally hazardous substances 
from the recycled materials

We offer a ceritificate with a breakdown of how you left a positive impact on the planet, by using sustainable recycling for all our customers..

Using state-of-the-art technology, the recycling rate of any discarded electronics at Scandic-IT is 90%

Recycling Process

Visuel Gennemgang af stenas genanvendings process

Certified Recycling

Eksempel på Stena Recycling certifikat