Do you have IT assets to retire?

At Scandic IT, we handle your IT with the highest care for data security and sustainability.

Need to dispose of data centre hardware such as servers, storage, networking equipment or employee devices such as laptops PCs, phones and tablets?

Get the fair market value and rest assured that your data is safe and your carbon footprint is low.

Secure Chain of Custody

An important aspect of data security is the time between decomissioning and data erasure.

We offer to ship your IT assets in secure steel cage or a military-grade vault with GPS tracking to our facilities where they are locked behind a steel fence and monitored until data erasure is performed within 72 hours.

Another option is to have your IT assets wiped on-site by our trained technicians before they even leave your grounds.

IT Asset Disposition Process


Our experienced technicians can come to your site and take your IT assets out of use, pack them and prepare them for shipping to our warehouse.

Secure Transport

If your IT assets contain sensitive data, and it is not an option to erase the data on-site, we offer to ship the assets in a secure Vault to be wiped at our facilities.

Data Erasure

At our location, your assets are locked in a cage and wiped with Certus within 72 hours. After data erasure, you will receive a tamper-proof report certifying a complete wipe.


Upon arrival at our site, all assets are registered and audited so that we can track each asset throughout our process. For those with sensitive data, they are locked and surveilled.


IT assets with no resale value are sent for sustainable recycling where materials are sorted and extracted for reuse. At the end, you receive a detailed report of your footprint.


With our experience and network in the industry, we can reach the next end-user quicker and ensure that you get the fair market value for your retired IT assets.

Contribute To A Circular Economy

At Scandic IT, we strive to put your retired IT assets to use again directly. However, some assets have reached the end of their life cycle and require proper disposal to minimize their environmental impact.

The assets with no resale value are sent for sustainable recycling where everything is optimised for reuse. At the end of the process, you receive a detailed breakdown of your environmental contribution.

Erase Data. Permanently.

Certus is one of the leading data erasure software tool used by data centres, enterprises and ITADs around the world.

You will receive a tamper-proof Certus report certifying that your data has been securely erased.