We are industry natives

The management of Scandic IT are ITAD industry natives, with more than 30 years of combined experience. Throughout all these years, we have built up a network allowing us to source incredibly hard-to-find spare parts and service decomissioning and data erasure cases all around the world.

With Scandic IT, you can rest assured that we can handle any case you throw at us.

Our story

Starting in 2016, we saw…

We believe in circular economy

The earth’s ressources are consumed faster than can be regenerated. It is clear that the current rate of e-waste is unsustainable. At Scandic IT, everything we do aims at helping the transition to a circular economy.

Whether you want to reuse or remarket, we have solutions for you.

Sustainability meets data security

At Scandic IT, we are experts at handling the two most important parts of disposing old IT assets, proper recycling and data security.

We offer a range of services from decomissioning, data erasure, secure transport and more. In any case, we can tailor an optimal solution.